IPC - The state of interprofessional collaboration in Northern Italy: a mixed methods study



The state of interprofessional collaboration in Northern Italy: a mixed methods study.


Maria Mischo-Kelling and Scott Reeves


Maria Mischo-Kelling, Claudiana

Heike Wieser, Luisa Cavada, Lukas Lochner Claudiana

Fabio Vittadello, Centro Explora, Statistical Analysis, Padova

Verena Fink, Department of Physiotherapy, Hospital of Bolzano

Scott Reeves, Kingston University and St George’s University of London


South Tyrolean Health Trust


11/2013- 06/2016




Health care systems are facing continual reorganizations in response to scientific and technological innovations as well as financial constraints. Simultaneously the rising prevalence of chronic diseases call for a kind of health care organization in which interprofessional collaboration (IPC) functions on a high level.


This research project aims to generate an empirical account of the current state of IPC in the South Tyrolean Health Trust, located in this bilingual region in northern Italy.

An innovative aspect of the study is that it includes participants from six different health professions: dieticians, nurses, occupational therapists, physicians, physiotherapists, speech therapists and psychologists.


Sequential Mixed Methods Design.

A survey is followed by individual and focus group interviews. Qualitative data analysis draw on the negotiated order/structural ordering approach and on the social world/arena perspective.

Erwarteter Nutzen/Relevanz

The results are expected to generate specific recommendations to improve IPC in the South

Tyrolean Health Trust and inform further research.