Applying interprofessional Team-Based Learning in Anatomy



Applying interprofessional Team-Based Learning in Anatomy.


Lukas Lochner


Lukas Lochner, Claudiana - College of Healthcare Professions

Heike Wieser, Claudiana - College of Healthcare Professions

Gabi Oberhöller, Laimburg Research Centre

Dietmar Ausserhofer, Institute of Nursing Science, University of Basel, Switzerland








In today’s healthcare system, the various health care professionals are expected to collaborate effectively to increase the quality of care. As students’ attitudes start to be formed from the beginning of their education on, there are benefits to be gained from the introduction of interprofessional education (IPE) in the early years. Anatomy is key to many health care professions and can provide a common content vehicle for IPE. Team-based learning (TBL) is a pedagogical method that gives students the opportunity to learn about working within teams and to develop communication skills.


A TBL strategy will be applied to an interprofessional course of general anatomy of human organs for students from the occupational therapy and orthoptics programs at Claudiana with the goal to promote outcomes related to ‘communication and teamwork’ and to enhance students attitudes towards interprofessional education.


A sequential explanatory mixed methods design will be adopted. A quantitative questionnaire will be distributed before and after the anatomy course exploring possible changes in students’ self-assessment regarding ‘communication and teamwork’ and changes in their attitude towards ‘interprofessional learning’. Qualitative data from group interviews will serve to refine and explain the quantitative results in more depth.

Erwarteter Nutzen/Relevanz

The findings are expected to clarify if and how this course could contribute to the more general learning outcomes, i.e., interprofessional learning objectives. Recognizing the need for competency in interprofessional collaboration, the results will serve to develop further IPE initiatives at Claudiana to order prepare students better for a collaborative working environment.